The Mission: Making Kingdom Customs Common


The Bible is about a King, a Kingdom, and His people. Most importantly, the benefits of Kingdom citizenship are available and accessible to citizens of earth in advance of the return of the King. Advance Edition, an online learning resource of the Kingdom Life Training (KLT) Program, provides practical application for teachings of the King and His Kingdom to help Kingdom citizens gain the benefits that the King has provided. KLT Program resources help believers “Make Kingdom Customs Common.”

As a discipleship resource, Advance Edition supports the pastoral and evangelistic outreach of the Great Commission by providing practical Christian education and coaching support that the Christian disciple can use for personal and professional leadership development.

What’s in Advance Edition…

If you are a busy leader, whether you are a pastor, minister, teacher, or just a growing Christian, in Advance Edition you will find…

  • Practical strategies to implement Kingdom principles and values in your personal or professional life
  • Insight into the biblical teachings of Jesus
  • Theological research for sermons, teachings, and seminars
  • Everyday encouragement and reflection to find hope in confusing times

Why Kingdom Coaching and Education… 

Christian education advances personal growth—spirit, mind, and body. Research shows that the following benefits of pursuing spiritual growth, Christian education, and discipleship initiatives…

  • Improving Your Thought Life – Researchers have discussed spirituality as being “associated with desirable mental
    health outcomes” (Ellison et al, 1995, p. 216).
  • Managing Life Issues – The World Health Organization included training and education in religion and spirituality as a resource for helping the individual workers in developing countries improve their personal capacity in skills and coping (Houtman & Jettinghoff, 2007).
  • Gaining A Greater Sense of Wellbeing – Spirituality helped individuals with chronic pain find meaning. Individuals who were able to bring pain into their worldview found life more meaningful (Sorajjakool, Aveling, Thompson, & Earl, 2006).
  • Deepening Spiritual Leadership Capacity – The Church is in need of training for leaders with a focus on spirituality and contemplation with experiential learning. Ministry flows from the life that is in consistent connection with God (Handley, 2013).

About the Editor

Advance Edition is produced by its Chief Writer and Editor, Ms. Cytella Francis, MFT, the co-founder of the Kingdom Life Training Program and CEO of Healthy Image International. Ms. Francis is a trained professional counselor with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature and a Masters in Christian Counseling, specializing in Family Therapy.

Ms. Francis is presently studying and participating in work experience in Higher Education Administration at a doctoral level. She is also a trained journalist and public relations specialist who has worked in the media industry for over 15 years. She is the former Managing Director of the Myles Munroe Leadership Mentoring Program, an adult distance learning & coaching program, which has served over 40 countries and delivered content in two languages. She is currently a deaconess at Bahamas Faith Ministries Fellowship (BFM), serving as a Research Assistant to one of BFM’s founding fathers, Pas. Henry C. Francis.