Advance (ED) Coaching Institute


The Bible is about a King, a Kingdom, and His people. Most importantly, the benefits of Kingdom citizenship are available and accessible to citizens of the earth in advance of the return of the King. In the Gospels, the King of the Kingdom, Jesus Christ, can be found teaching parables. He used these shrewd rhetorical devices to communicate His Kingdom message to large audiences. Yet a personal journey with Christ is still accessible. How? Locked within these stories were hidden meanings that could only be received by listeners who truly were interested in knowing the truth (Bell, 2014). If you are still interested, discerning Kingdom purposes is still possible. Are you ready to receive the treasures true disciples received then now?

The Mission: Making Kingdom Customs Common

Advance (ED) Coaching Institute, as a blended learning institute of the Kingdom Life Training (KLT) Program, provides practical application for teachings of the King and His Kingdom to help Kingdom citizens gain the benefits that the King has provided. The KLT Program resources help believers “Make Kingdom Customs Common.”

As a discipleship forum, Advance (ED) Coaching supports the pastoral and evangelistic outreach of the Great Commission by providing practical Christian education and coaching support for Christian disciples in their personal and professional leadership development.

Tours, journeys, and retreats hosted by Advanced ED feature the figurative language of the Kingdom that helps forum participants advance their biblical literacy and unlock their hidden potential for Kingdom leadership. The Bible is about the Kingdom, His Kingdom, and you! Connect with a Kingdom Life Training representative using the form below and live your future in advance.  We look forward to hearing from you!