The Kingdom Life Training Experience

The KLT Curriculum

​❊ A Kingdom Worldview for Global Crisis

​The purpose of the Kingdom Life Training curriculum is to help Church constituents and community leaders, particularly those of developing country populations, to become Kingdom-minded (have a radical biblical worldview) and equipped to promote Kingdom influence and expansion globally—particularly in a time of prevailing value systems that oppose morality as defined by God and the Bible.

❊ A Biblical Tradition through Educational Leadership

The curriculum aims to give participants a forum for gaining biblical knowledge, exercises in reflection on spiritual concepts, and examination of leadership philosophies for the development of a biblical worldview for personal maturity in their relationship with Christ and corporate community leadership.


The Righteous Life of Faith

Jesus presented an understanding of God’s will throughout the span of time, as recorded in Scripture, with a focus on the Kingdom. He used parables, dialogue, fellowship, prayer, and ministry acts of healing, signs, and wonders in His presentation of God’s plan for His life, the world, and His disciples.

Phase 2 of the Kingdom Life Training (KLT) Program curriculum will prepare participants to develop habits and skills of effective living and evangelism as a part of biblical discipleship.

Choose Your Path

The KLT Program provides learning modules to facilitate development along key leadership tracks, including:

1) Church/Ministry Leadership
2) Professional Development
3) Personal Growth

Each module focuses on biblical knowledge and spiritual maturity and advancing levels of practical ministry in project management and community outreach, featuring various skill areas as a training focus in specific modules.

Training Modules

Research shows that a philosophy of leadership, specifically education, is governed by an individual’s philosophy of life. Each training module addresses the principles of personal life philosophy from a biblical perspective to provide guidance in developing habits for righteous living and professional practice, educating emerging leaders, and conducting global evangelism.

How to Participate

Participation in the KLT Program is facilitated through enrollment in coaching institutes hosted by corporate organizations or enrollment in community training events. Contact a KLT Program Team member for information on hosting a coaching institute for your team or attending a community training event.
Training Events
Training initiatives include content on leadership principles from a biblical worldview with a coaching component of providing assignments to assess measurable growth of participants as a means of validating a Kingdom approach to life. The world needs the Kingdom of God; therefore, members of this Program and event participants desire to prepare themselves to be leaders skilled for advancing Kingdom customs.
Qualifications to Participate
Development takes time, effort, and a disposition of determination. Busy schedules and obligations can threaten any commitment. Participation in a KLT course of study means that a person is willing and able to follow the outlined path of training through to successful completion. People learn through diverse ways. An initial participant review is included in enrollment to ensure that the KLT Program meets the learning needs and strengths of the registrant.