Welcome Young Ambassador!

Yes, you! The King is in need of young ambassadors–a delegation of young people who are willing to represent His dynamic Kingdom power and leadership in everyday life and challenging circumstances and turn them around for good.

Are you ready to activate and exercise your potential for Kingdom leadership? The Kingdom Life Training Team offers learning experiences that help emerging leaders discover a perspective on life that removes the limitations imposed on their potential. What potential? Your potential for living your best life in Christ–your best life ever!

What Can You Expect?

Expect to be transformed! Trapped in every follower there is a hidden leader, waiting to be unleashed. Monthly learning experiences will focus on dynamic biblical knowledge and advancing levels of leadership development. Engaging learning strategies are designed to connect you to the King and the Kingdom that unlock the leader in you!

And of course, expect to have fun. Here’s how…

Learning experiences include:

     1. Courtside seats to Kingdom games and challenges in the Regal League forum library

     2. Engaging assignments and activities to track your learning and leadership status

     3. Interactive forums with leadership coaches who are committed to keeping you on track 

Get connected:

Regal League is a youth mentoring program of Prayer & Faith Ministry Kingdom School. To join and receive approval for member enrollment, youth and parents of Prayer & Faith Ministry are asked to contact Pas. Vania Volmy, Church Educational Director after Sunday services.

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